Far North

Dimwitty knew right away that he wasn’t cut out for the military, but he wasn’t cut out for much else either. His Uncle James was a rear admiral and pulled some strings to get him in to the Coast Guard.

Basic was a cakewalk and next thing he knew he was on the USCGC Burton Island cruising around the Arctic Circle installing radar stations.

He’d been granted shore leave at Resolute Bay one day in early July and was awed by its vast emptiness. He couldn’t say why he loved it. It just felt right.

This opinion was not shared by any other members of the crew. They called it “toilet,” “ass-end of the universe,” and similar. Dimwitty was strangely insulted.

That September the Burton Island was ordered back to Oakland and that was that. In Oakland, Dimwitty got a 72 hour pass and went AWOL.

He knew where he was going.

What Pegman Saw