You’re Not Gonna Believe This

The Lodge packed us a wonderful lunch of fried chicken, biscuits, and pie in an old-fashioned wicker basket complete with plates and silverware. We’d driven the station wagon to a secluded spot and hiked to a spreading oak at the base of a rocky bluff. I spread the red-and-white checkered cloth on the ground, leery of ants. A breeze wafted across the valley, so I anchored the cloth with a stone on one side and the basket on the other.

“Come here!” called Jeremy. “I want to take your picture.”

I went and stood in the mouth of a cave, turned to face Jeremy and the camera.  Beneath the tree below,  I saw a tall bear in a porkpie hat, collar and long tie. He sauntered over, picked up our basket and trotted away, a smaller bear following after.

Jeremy saw my face, “What?” he asked.


What Pegman Saw