You’re Not Gonna Believe This

The Lodge packed us a wonderful lunch of fried chicken, biscuits, and pie in an old-fashioned wicker basket complete with plates and silverware. We’d driven the station wagon to a secluded spot and hiked to a spreading oak at the base of a rocky bluff. I spread the red-and-white checkered cloth on the ground, leery of ants. A breeze wafted across the valley, so I anchored the cloth with a stone on one side and the basket on the other.

“Come here!” called Jeremy. “I want to take your picture.”

I went and stood in the mouth of a cave, turned to face Jeremy and the camera.  Beneath the tree below,  I saw a tall bear in a porkpie hat, collar and long tie. He sauntered over, picked up our basket and trotted away, a smaller bear following after.

Jeremy saw my face, “What?” he asked.


What Pegman Saw



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  1. Dale

    That was a hoot and a half…. So tell me, did you and Karen NOT eat on vacation? You both are obsessed with food and I’m less afraid of your bear than hers!

  2. rochellewisoff

    Hey Boo Boo, let’s get that pick-a-nick basket before the forest ranger sees us. Hahahaha…this brought back memories of Saturday mornings. :D Love it, Josh.



  3. Lynn Love

    Ha! Like everyone else, loved this dip into the past. Good to see the old guy’s still around – smarter than the average bear, after all. Nice tale Josh

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