With God All Things Are Possible

That shop? Well, now. I tell you a story.

Chinleyuego Aboagyem was born without eyes. A curse to his parents, though they loved him.

The young boy perfectly remembered everything he heard. By the age of five, he could speak as well as any adult in English, Akan, Dagaare, Twe, and Ewe. After a single hearing of a book of Scripture, he could repeat it letter-perfect. By the age of seven, he could recite both the Old and New Testaments in their entirety without a single error.

One day his cousin Ade brought Chinleyuego a small engine to play with. Without sight, the boy disassembled the motor, repaired it and put it back together in the space of an hour, his hands seeming to move of their own accord.

His reputation spread. Others brought their motorcycles, their cars. He repaired them all.

Miracles are everywhere if we will but look for them.


What Pegman Saw: Ghana