What Happened to Your Face?

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I’d looked forward to the outdoor yoga class in the park through the entire winter, so I didn’t feel bad about taking the second donut, saying “why not?” to the dessert tray. I was at my heaviest weight, but  kept myself from usual despondency  by visualizing  a midsummer me, lithe and fit from yoga classes and sensible diet. I bought a new mat and a pair of outfits that didn’t make me feel like a cow. I arrived early, unrolled my mat near the gravel where I could see the sunrise. I heard birds begin to sing and insects buzz.


Friday Fictioneers

  1. gahlearner

    Woops, and then the title explains the rest. Great story, I love how the plans are wrecked by insects. Indoor Yoga could be the new plan.

  2. rgayer55

    Our Insurance company makes all employees and the spouse go through biometrics testing each fall. We always go gorge on biscuits and gravy immediately after the weigh-in.

  3. Margaret

    Oh now that’s a tricky story. All so positive and full of good intentions and peaceful settings – until you read the title again. Very clever. I love it.


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