Dominick walked back from the road, hands in pockets.

“You see him?” asked Tony, already knowing the answer.

“He’ll be here. Don’t you worry, little brother. When has he ever not showed up after practice?”

Tony stared at his sneakers, wanting to ask when has he ever been on time?  but instead saying “I’m hungry.”

“Ma will have dinner waiting for us. You’ll see.”

It grew darker and darker. At first Tony would stand up when he saw distant headlights, but after a while he just sat and stared at the ground.

“He’ll be here,”  said Dominick in an almost-whisper.


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  1. Lynn Love

    Is it their Dad they’re waiting for? I know several parents like this – they always turn up eventually, but man, they make their kids wait. So well told, with a great tone, great dialogue, great pace.

  2. granonine

    I don’t sense a happy ending here. You’ve left it perfectly, without tying up the loose ends, leaving us to imagine our own. So sad, but sadly real.

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