Used To Be Skywater

Saturdays we got up even earlier so as to get the chores done before setting out. If Carl’d stayed sober Friday night, then the delivery would be ready. That hadn’t been the case for months.

It was just getting light when I got to the still. Jody was already there, wrapping the mason jars in burlap so they wouldn’t rub, packing them into them wooden case flats we got from Albany Peach Company and stacking these into the pull-wagon. We was always real careful at this part since the time the wagon got away from us and we’d busted half a load.

The Casino was the first stop, being full up with the gentry from Atlanta and Macon. Carl like to say “they come for the waters but they stay for the shine.”

I heard that Marie Curie come to Skywater once to test the springs for the radium, which is why they changed the name.


What Pegman Saw: Radium Spings