The Answer Lies Within


The old woman held up a hand demanding  silence, her gauzy sleeve almost trailing into the candle. I had a hard time not laughing, but Cherie was  wearing what I recognized as her “church face,” somber and pious and overtly attentive. If she was allowed to talk she would likely have used big unfamiliar words and slathered her questions in tones of  utmost respect. Why she would be this way for a dime store spiritualist like “Madame Zaharias” was beyond me.

“You have come with a question,” Madame said, her deep voice rising and falling in an unnatural way. I assumed this was to tell us that the messages were coming from the spirit world. “The answer lies within.”  She waved her hand at the Tarot deck and the large crystal ball set before her on the scarf-draped table.

I wanted to ask how much all this would cost. Cherie was desperate. Personally, I was 99% sure the baby wasn’t mine.


Sunday Photo Fiction


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  1. kirizar

    I admire the context, and the use of dime-store spiritualist was nice, I did wonder…what would the 1% likelihood reflect? Accidental fatherhood?

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