That Creepy Guy

Countless disappointments had battered me down until I’d pretty much given up. Surrendered.  I stood in my empty apartment and cried out to a God I didn’t believe in I give up!

And like magic, the despair and loneliness were lifted from me. I felt as though I’d set down a heavy suitcase. No longer was I driven by insatiable longing.  I was almost weightless. Reborn.

I board the tram from Reykjavik with no destination in mind. I just need to get out and experience this new way of life. And this was when I see her. This vision of perfection from my dream, blue eyes and glossy brown hair. I cannot help but stare. She looks down, the smallest blush coloring her fine skin. It is charming.

I can see myself looking at this face for the rest of my life, growing older together.

I will follow her anywhere.


What Pegman Saw,  a new flash fiction prompt based on Google Maps. 


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