Take Out

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Her hands shook as she fumbled out her keys, the pizza box wedged between her arm and the doorframe. Once inside, she set down the box, and locked the deadbolt and chain,  checked the windows.

She grabbed the leftover wine she’d brought home from Saturday’s disastrous blind date and drank straight from the bottle.

She opened the box and ate a slice, still warm.

She’d been paying for her pizza when a man came in, stuck a gun into the cashier’s face and shot her, then ran out.

She’d just stupidly stood there, then picked up her pizza and left.


Friday Fictioneers


  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    I almost feel guilty for clicking the like button. I can see why the MC is shaken. I imagine she’s more likely to slug back the wine than eat the pizza. Wow. Good one.



  2. michael1148humphris

    Disasters come in three, I do hope she does not choke on the pizza. Take out is a great title.

  3. jellico84

    Sadly, in today’s world, this could very well happen. To much danger in ‘being a witness’ to stay and talk to cops. Did you by some chance yank this from last evening’s news…. just sayin’. :) <3 Now, pass me a slice, I'm hungry…

  4. Christine Goodnough

    Shock has different effects on individuals. Tomorrow she may not remember a thing until she sees the news. Then comes the second shockwave. Good picture of her stress.

  5. James

    Yikes. Hope her conscience gets the better of her and she goes to the police with what she knows.

  6. Sascha Darlington

    I think she was probably lucky. Like how the title works for both the action and the food. I wonder if the cashier merely had given him the wrong change the day before?

  7. Michael Wynn

    I liked the way you described her reaction to such violence, everyone acts differently and you did this very convincingly

  8. Rowena

    You did this very well. It was so plausible and real. Well done.
    It’s hard to know how we’d respond to witnessing something so heinous and beyond traumatic. She’s just an ordinary person. Not trained to deal with these situations. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I could see this being the beginning of a longer piece.
    xx Rowena


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