Stuck In The Middle With Mother

Mother’s mediocrity was so consistently applied that it almost became a kind of excellence.

She wasn’t especially bad at anything. Nor was she particularly good.

In everything she did, Mother was merely adequate.

The many dinners she cooked for us excited no praise, yet were always eaten without complaint. When she gave gifts, they were accepted but rarely used by the recipient. Sweaters unworn, books unread.  Her house was mildly comfortable, its smells neither offensive nor pleasant.

Even her conversation was mediocre.  Mother was never interesting nor boring. She would deprive her friends of solitude, yet not provide them any company.



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  1. Mike

    A great take on the prompt. You may have stolen your last line but you weaved it in brilliantly with the other 87. Well done.

  2. gahlearner

    To be perceived in that way by her children: how sad and cruel, but that’s often the case when kids judge their parents. I’m sure that her pov would tell a completely different story. :)

  3. Michael Wynn

    This was great description of a character who’s almost characterless but by being so becomes a fantastic original character in her own right. If that makes sense. I know what I’m trying to say :-)

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