Stranger In Our Midst

She gets out the car, phone in her hand. Her brother is waiting for her on the jetty, his tie askew. She points at it.

“Aren’t you going to take that off now? The lawyer didn’t come.”

He smiles, tugs the tie around like noose, sticks his tongue out.

“Grim,” she smiles, turning back to her phone. “Google maps says slip F-18. No idea what that means.”

“It means our dear departed daddy also had a boat. In addition to the mistress, the second house and God knows what else.”

“You think you know a person.”

“Nobody knew our father.”


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  1. Dale

    Well, well now.. if it means he at least left them stuff… Because obviously, they were not close enough to him to really care about the man himself. Like breeds like, I say.

  2. Lynn Love

    I agree with Rochelle – great dialogue Josh. And how many families have an unpleasant surprise when a family member dies? We did with my dad, though nothing on this scale, fortunately! Nicely spun tale

  3. Christine Goodnough

    A shame when your father has a secret life you knew nothing of! You painted the picture well.
    When my Uncle Bob died his children discovered, up in the attic in his old WWII kit bag, several top-honors medals, including the Silver Star of France. And they had absolutely no idea what he’d done to merit those. They felt almost robbed.

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