Some Vacation

I lay on face down the cracked tile, near the toilet. Its base was ringed with grime, and I could see what looked like a tuft of pubic hair wadded in the corner. My right eye was swollen shut, but the left one seemed unharmed. I wondered how long before someone found me.

The hotel had seemed okay online. The reviews were mediocre, but it was cheap and I figured I’d only be there to sleep. Nassau was full of better things to spend my money on, I’d told myself. I’d changed and walked across the land bridge to the Atlantis, admiring the motor sailors in their slips.

The woman at the bar had introduced herself as Tanya. She’d had an exotic accent and worn a lot of makeup.

“What do you do around here for fun?” I’d asked.

“You buy drink for me and we talk about it,” she’d said.


What Pegman Saw