Since Because and Since


true strangers, they

since in the city

the dark before the dawn

is lit just the same

as winter evenings

since nobody is fooled

by some little thing

they themselves remember doing

still, once

since lying about an apartment

makes you leave everything

early and alone

to walk in the dark, cursing

since every single morning

the cars are all still

there, moving, full

of them, true strangers

since the will of god

seems always in their mouths

since because and since



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  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I like this a lot, the bleak mood, the “island” stanzas linked by repeated words.

    This is such a brilliant line break, too: “the cars are all still/there, moving, full”

  2. oldendaysk

    I had to read the first line three times before I got it. Not your fault, but mine. Such a clever line, “True Strangers, they, since in the city.” Were they hoping for a change since coming to the city? Oh the possibilities! Loved it.

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