“You’ve had an accident.”

The voice was soft, with an accent Lloyds couln’t place.  He tried to open his eyes and saw nothing.

“We bandaged your head,” the voice said. “I’m afraid it leaves your eyes covered. It’s temporary.”

Lloyds opened his mouth to speak, but this too proved impossible.

“Oh, so sorry,” said the voice. “You broke your jaw so the doctor wired it closed. You also fractured your right arm and leg and probably a few ribs. All of us here think it’s a miracle you survived. The mountain seldom gives up those it claims.”

Lloyds wanted to ask where he was, how he got here. The last thing he remembered was the morning brew-up. Somebody made a rude joke. What was his name? He could see the blue eyes and sunburned face, the white grin splitting the red skipper’s beard. The face but not the name.

What Pegman Saw: Bhutan


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  1. 4963andypop

    The title definitely leaves us wondering about the land he has stumbled into–if indeed it is the mythical land of Shangri-la ( which I’m sure you can tell us more about than I know, my knowledge being limited to the 70’s movie, which I still vaguely remember) Or if just realizing that one is alive is enough to make wherever one wakes up to qualify as paradise. Makes me want to read more. You’re playing this hand close to your vest, leaving us all wondering what happened with Mr Redbeard Whitesmile.

  2. bearmkwa

    Oh, you’ve captured it so well. I remember waking like that after my horrible car accident. Couldn’t speak, couldn’t see anything… it was terrifying. You’ve captured it well.

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