Run to the Blue House

Soon as I finish up working, I run right quick to the blue house where my Nkuku Bosweo live.

None of the other grandchild visit on her. They say she look funny with her milky eye, spread stories she a witch. Maybe, I say, but she the happy kind.

She always glad to see me so, and make me the special sky porridge, stirring smooth while she tell me the story about the time Lion chase the girl Mulungi so hard she throw a rope to the sky to escape him. Mulungi climb up to the sky and find her the Thunder God’s sweet corn, which she pick for herself.

Thunder God so amazed by a girl’s boldness he show Mulungi how to grind it up and cook it right.

My Nkuku learn from her Nkuku who learn from hers. She  tells me she show me too one day.


What Pegman Saw: Botswana

The Bantu people of Botswana have many legends where a brave young human successfully climbs a rope to the sky, but its’s almost always a male.