Risk Is Our Business


Janus liked quoting Captain Kirk at the start of a climb. Gentlemen, risk is our business. It was funny the first time or two, but like most of the aspects of his personality, it ended up grating on you.

After a couple years, I was the only one left who would still belay him.  I suppose I felt pity for the guy.

He tried hard to be Mr. Cool, spending a fortune on equipment and letting anyone borrow it as long as they wanted. People took advantage, of course. Climbers are selfish beings.

I hope they’re ashamed of themselves now.

Friday Fictioneers

I missed FF last week for the first time since I started. The Bahamas are beautiful, but the internet is not so hot.

25 thoughts on “Risk Is Our Business

  1. Dear Josh

    So Janus boldly went where everyone has gone before. The same punch lines do get old and moldy over time. I wonder if the climbers are ashamed or not. So has Janus met with an unfortunate accident?



  2. You’ve told the story admirably, without telling us the story at all. Your description of Janus and those around him gives us everything we need to know. Such is the black magic of the story-teller’s art…

  3. I had an idea he’d been too generous with his equipment then realised that was probably the case when I saw the comments. Maybe it was better that he didn’t know he was being used. I suppose he was a bit boring with the repetition of the Star Trek phrase. I like the way you use that to show your narrator is tolerant and kind.

  4. It’s so nice when your response to the comments tell me I guessed right. I admire the way you’ve created a character and with a deft flick of the tail directed us to make up the story

  5. In every group there will be a guy like Janus. I feel for him, but the first and foremost thing they preach in mountain climbing is ‘you first’.

  6. Poor Janus. Then again, those guys who go on and on about their stuff and how great it is can end up in worst than a pickle. I’m very glad the guy telling the story didn’t off hm, though. He might have tried to convince Janus to not be quite so foolish with his equipment!

  7. What an intriguing tale. I wondered about the ending, so read through the other comments. I like that the narrator was a kind a decent guy. Too bad no one could help enlighten Janus.

  8. He seems like he had a good heart and didn’t deserve the way he was treated, or, if I’m reading the final sentence correctly, whatever tragic accident befell him.

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