Return, Return

John Dory made a song about it, how they come in iron ships, how they say they make the world free for us. How we heroes. He wrote it serious, which made it even funnier.

Now they come and say we can go back to Enewetak, that it’s safe after all their experiments. They tell us it’s our home, though almost nobody ever seen it.

John Dory’s daddy, he helped the army men with the diggings so he got to see the explosion. Said it was like the sun falling into the ocean.

Said he was sorry to see it.

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  1. pennygadd51

    You achieve a curious mixture of bitterness and humour, beauty and terror in this story. It’s a powerful human response to the weird military logic that having world-shattering weapons makes us safer.

  2. trentpmcd

    Do they all get free Geiger counters? You know, just as souvenirs? Little cards to show exposure? No? Maybe they should wait a little longer…

  3. granonine

    Josh, this reflects a most serious part of history when we really didn’t understand the dangers. We should have. Maybe some did. It’s heartbreaking that a whole culture was lost.

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