Not For Sale

He was thin, the black coat so stiff it might have been snipped from tin. Wiry like her uncles, but with bright bird eyes. He stood staring at the clocks, always coming back to her favorite, the one with all the faces and figures.

“How long you say it took to carve?” the man asked Uncle Frank.

“We don’t keep track,” said Uncle Frank. “We finish when we finish.”

“Well, I like the craftsmanship. I’d like to buy it.”

“Not for sale, Mr. Ford.”

“How about a million dollars?”

Uncle Frank smiled. “What would I do with a million dollars?”


Friday Fictioneers


Note: This photo was taken at the Bily Clock Museum in Spillville, Iowa. The museum building was the residence of Antonín Dvořák during the summer of 1893 where he composed his String Quartet in F (also known as the “American Quartet”) and his String Quintet in E-Flat.