No Riders

“I thought you guys wasn’t supposed to pick up no hitchhikers.”

Now that they were in the diner, he looked older than he had in the parking lot.

“No, them days is past. Rigs now, well you just gotta see it. It’s like an apartment. Got a microwave, satellite TV. Even a bed.” He didn’t smirk when he said the last part. Jesi would have noticed if he’d smirked.

She forked up the last bite of pie. “You really going as far as Tallahassee?”

“I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon, sure as the sunrise. How old you say you were?”

“I didn’t. But if you must know, I’m nineteen. Why? You need to see my ID or something?”

He laughed, shook his head. He finished his coffee, pulled out his wallet. She saw it was attached to his belt with a chain. He dropped a ten on the table, slid out of the booth and stood. She got up too, a tiny thing who barely came up to his armpit. As they walked out to his truck, she pointed at the chain.

“You some kind of biker?”

“Something like that.”



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  1. luckyjc007

    Thought provoking story! He just might give bikers a bad name…wait, maybe that’s already been done. She needs to learn a few more things….but he doesn’t need to be the teacher.

  2. Dave

    My brain jumps directly to “Johnny Blaze”, but there are other satanic possibilities. I prefer to not think about the “more ordinary predator” varieties.

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