Mister Zero

He’s right there, lolling in Saigon Plaza, plain as day. An old man now, as are we all, but unmistakably him.

Not sure how I should play it. Unless something’s gone seriously wrong, he already spotted me. Knows I am here.

Take a deep breath, walk up to him.

He stares at the empty park through mirrored glasses.

“Did you miss it?” he asks as I approach.

“The place?” I sit.

“The place. The heat. The people, the bugs, the war, the hunt.”

“You really asking?”

“I really am.”

“Tell the truth, the only thing I missed was the food.”


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  1. Iain Kelly

    I assumed Vietnamese, and he was back visiting for the first time since the war, which I would imagine will bring back a lot of bad memories.

  2. Brenda's Thoughts

    Great dialogue with so much more beneath the words. I’ve lived in and out of Asia for a long time and at the moment I am out. That said, I certainly do not miss the bugs or the heat. I love Vietnamese food though and would certainly miss that.

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