Living In The Now

Two AM was prime time for me, my lizard brain in full control, springing into action to arrange the next few hours but nothing after that. Tomorrow was a canyon, a black abyss of regret and consequence that was on its way soon enough. Drunk at 2AM was the essence of Living In The Now, every aspect of experience amplified and strangely distorted, as though life itself was in a kaleidoscope, splitting and circling in on itself, some of it rightways and some of it backwards, all of it a beautiful pattern that shifted before you could really see it.


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    He can only postpone so long before his emotions erupt. Then again, too many live in the past, worried about the future, completely missing the here and now. Well done.



  2. Nobbinmaug

    This seems much more like escaping than living. There’s a melancholy beauty to this. Well done.

    Maybe I’m taking this too literally, like I do with everything, but isn’t waiting until 2 to live the opposite of living in the now. For 23 hours per day, that’s not now.

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