Liber Somnium

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kent-b“Use this with caution,” the bookseller warned. He did not like this woman, but business was business.

“I’ll use it however I like. I bought the damn thing. It’s mine now.” She reached for the door handle.

The bookseller shrugged and turned back to his work.

“Wait a minute,” she said. “Where are the words?”

She had opened the book. Right here in his shop, the stupid woman had opened the book. His stomach filled with cold dread.

“It is the Book of Dreams, madam. There are no words. You must only look at the pages. But please. Not here.”


Friday Fictioneers


  1. IfeomaO

    I suppose he fears her dreams may be as scary as her attitude..if not worse. Nicely written dialogue and story.

  2. Thom Carswell

    This was great. I’d love to know what power The Book of Dreams contains and how she plans to use it. Both characters were really strongly defined. You nailed the bookseller’s dialogue.

  3. joseph elon lillie

    Oh this is a powerful tale. It leads me in so many directions. I hope the woman has an orphaned neice or nephew at home who can dream the book open and begin a larger tale…

  4. Mike

    Controlling a book of dreams, if only it was possible. Great story. Mike

  5. wildchild47

    Wonderful story – a teasing suggestion of trouble to come, perhaps? Love the open-ended possibility – it strikes enough of a chord to set one off.


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