Isn’t It Odd? – Friday Fictioneers

Friends, it’s the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction– following the featured photo.

Photo by Rachel Bjerke
Photo by Rachel Bjerke

“What’s back there? Behind the house?”

Watching her face, I could see what Clifton meant when he said she was shifty. For the tiniest second she scowled at us, then smoothed it away in that realtor’s smile.

“I think it was a barbecue the former owners installed.”

“It’s covered in moss,” said Clifton. “I think it’s a lot older than the house. And isn’t it odd the fountain would be so close?”

The realtor made a fuss of leafing through the listing. “Well, there’s nothing in here about the fountain.”

Little Jordy slipped my hand and ran out to look.