Immoveable Object

She lay in bed a long time trying to put it off as long as she could, to summon the will.

Not a morning person  she used to say, when there had been anyone to say it to.

No reason now to see anyone.

The government check came on the fifth every month,

ALDI delivered her groceries, the rent and phone  paid automatically.

She could no longer afford the cable, but the neighbor’s wifi was usually fast enough for Facebook and the occasional cat video.

But the mornings, the gray weight of another day.

There was no cure for that.


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  1. Na'ama Yehuda

    Poor thing. I wish on her a puppy, to get her out of the bed (and into the fresh air, at least twice every day and night) … and perhaps someplace to volunteer in, so she can have something to get out of bed FOR, if she cannot find one inside her own mind. :(

  2. bearmkwa

    No cure, indeed. It is a wet, dreary day that is promising to become nasty with snow…ach, look! The weather man was right for a change… it’s snowing! definitely a grey, depressing day.

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