I Fear They Will Find Us


“Where did they go?” she asked again, her voice tight with ensuing panic.

He shook his head. “Maybe they thought we got lost and decided to look for us.”

“But we’ve only been gone a half hour.” Her eyes were wide as she scanned the empty desert rippling with heat. “I wish we’d brought water.”

He had felt vague unease in his stomach turn to cold nausea when they crested the hill and saw the  jeep had gone.  He tried to keep the dread from his voice, but it shook nonetheless. “We’ll be okay,” he said. “Let’s get off of this ridge, though. Let’s go back to the caves.”

“But don’t we want to be up here? They can’t find us if we’re in the caves when they come back.”

“We should stay in the shade,” he said as he started down. He felt a cold spot in the center of his chest, as though it was being held in a sniper’s crosshairs. “They can find us without too much trouble.”

He hoped this wasn’t true.



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    • J Hardy Carroll

      Thanks for having me. My premise is that these two were driven out into the desert to be sport-hunted by super wealthy men. The reason for this is that the husband had a bad gambling problem. He lost big and was given one final gamble , wagering both his and his wife’s lives that they can survive twenty four hours.

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