Word comes down from our senior officers to prepare for evacuation. We busy ourselves making rucksacks and gathering our belongings. I linger in the room and pry up the floorboard to my hidey hole. One of the cartons of cigarettes is missing. In its place is a small German army musette bag. I open the flap. Inside is my gold Hamilton watch, a combat knife, a compass and a wad of folded bills. There is no note, but I know who left it.

I thread my watch onto a shoelace and tie it around my neck under my sweaters.


Friday Fictioneers

Pressed for time. This is an excerpt from my novel The Ruining Heaven, the story of a World War II bombardier and his experiences in the war. I am currently seeking an agent.


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  1. Dale

    Great little excerpt. I can tell you are pressed for time because you don’t usually do typos! (Glad to see I’m not the only one… ;-) )

  2. Lynn Love

    What a great excerpt. Even in this small snippet you have plenty of intrigue and tension to keep us glued to the screen. Really good

  3. goroyboy

    intriguing, I love the “hidey hole”wording. Definitely captures ones imagination. I may have to look up your novel. I love history. Have you ever listened to hard-core history podcast with Dan Carlin?

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