Get Off The Highway

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By slouching  over the broken steering wheel like an octogenarian, I could just see through a spot of clear glass in the shattered windshield. My breath came in gasps. My left leg felt numb, far away. I could feel blood running down my face and neck.

My ruined car was making hideous sounds– the fender scraping the ground, the clatter of the fan hitting the radiator.

One thing at a time, I told myself. Just get off the highway. 

I did not want to think about the girl, about why she had chosen my car to jump in front of.



Friday Fictioneers


Hello there,  gracious readers. There’s a fabulous new fiction prompt based on Google Street View that posts every Saturday. You have 150 words to write a story inspired by an amazing photo from anywhere in the world. Swing by and give it a go!

  1. k rawson

    I’m with Rochelle, it made me gasp too. J Hardy, I knew you’d have fun with this one. I didn’t know you’d make me shudder.

  2. Iain Kelly

    Terrifying story that could happen to anyone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Excellent. I fully intend to take part in the new fiction prompt when I can find the time to join in – great idea!

  3. paulmclem

    He will no doubt feel guilt, but shouldn’t. It’s like someone jumping in front of a train. The driver has nowhere to go.

  4. Sandra

    Something that doesn’t happen to many people, but I can only begin to imagine the post traumatic stress when it does. Well done.


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