Fair Play


Vargas knew she would not stop crying, so he hit her a few more times  and closed the bedroom door, leaving her to her tears.

He went out to get wood for the stove.

The snow howled outside. The stove warmed the cabin to a swelter. Vargas stripped to his undersuit as he drank himself insensible, got so drunk he felt neither the tiny legs of the fiddleback crawling up his leg nor its fangs in his scrotum.

In the morning as the fever took him and his legs turned black he begged her to help him.

She only smiled.


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25 thoughts on “Fair Play

  1. Wow. Great descriptions, sparse but vivid – you’ve truly captured a scene, a particular place and relationship in few words. Makes me wonder if the spider is hers … Great story

  2. That’s great. A satisfying smack! I would have expected the Black Widow to do her bidding, but never saw the brown recluse coming. Apparently neither did Vargas–as he deserved.

      1. Ah, that make sense. People claim to see those around here, but experts keep saying they’re mistaken. However, we do have plenty of black widows. When I lived in my house a few blocks from here, I would regularly find them in the garage, sometimes a dozen or more at a time. You spray them with Raid and they just laugh at you, seriously. The only real option is a hard-soled boot.

  3. Hmm a brown recluse spider bites rarely kill people but can make them pretty sick. But I don’t think he knows that. The detached tone in the beginning lends to the horror. Nicely done.

    1. The scrotum is probably the one place where the spider could do enough damage to cause the leg-blackening blood poisoning described in the story. I had a friend bitten on the cheek by a recluse. It killed a dime-sized chunk of skin that never grew back. Thanks for reading!

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