Tante Sarah was having none of it. To the Via Dolorosa she said “it looks like Spain.” To the Wailing Wall she said “I’ve seen it on the television. I think George Bush kissed it. Feh.”

“Was it a bad idea to being her here?” Rachel asked her husband.

Moishe shrugged. “She’ll get used to it. It’s not New York.”

“When I was a girl she talked nonstop about coming here someday. She even gave me a copy of Exodus for my birthday. I was disappointed there weren’t any pictures of Paul Newman.”

“And yet you’re surprised when she complains?”

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17 thoughts on “Exodus

  1. Dear Josh,

    Some people are so hard to please. To be fair, Tel Aviv is a lot like being in California but Jerusalem was something else entirely. I laughed at Rachel’s disappointment at Paul Newman not being on the cover of Exodus. Love it.



  2. Some people will complain about anything. In a world where we have access to everything at our fingertips and participation awards and increasing sensitivity about everything, the complaining will only get worse with each generation. Well done.

  3. Expectations and reality can go either way. For Tante Sarah was expecting a miracle some inspirational applause but discovered it was all in her mind.
    Fun read.

  4. Tante Sarah is really disappointed to see present day Jerusalem. It did not match with the picture she had in mind. A lot of us have the same problem about a place that we picture some way in our head and turns out to be something else.

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