“Sorry to wake you.”


“Listen. I need you to get over here. It’s Pop.”

I sat up. “I had a dream about him!”

“Yeah, well. This ain’t a dream. I need you to come to the house right away.”

“What happened? Is he okay?”

“I––I can’t tell. He’s sitting in the kitchen. He’s crying, Tony. Like a little kid.”

“Jesus. Why?”

“He won’t tell me. Came home from the restaurant at midnight and had a glass of wine like usual. Then he started sobbing.”

“Did something happen?”

“Maybe. Listen, my other line is ringing.”

“I’ll be right over.”


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  1. neeltheauthor

    Loved how you set up the scene. This is a cliff hanger and i am definitely intrigues and so are all others who are reading this. You can now go on and lead us by the tail. Excellent writing, Hardy, and thanks for the lovely picture, too..

  2. patriciaruthsusan

    It has to be serious to make that man cry. From your reply I’d say that’s serious. The mob don’t play. They make examples. Good writing Hardy. Thanks for the great photo that made all the good stories possible. —- Suzanne

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