J Hardy Carroll grew up in Tucson, Arizona surrounded by silos of Titan II missiles that were never fired. His grandmother died in the room she was born in. His father died in the same room, but was himself  born in a hospital.

J Hardy lived a good many years in Portland where he worked in bars  and wrote humorous pieces about his job for Barfly Magazine. He  drew satirical comics for a leftist newspaper and designed websites for independent movies. He got divorced and remarried, raising two girls in the process.

J Hardy Carroll moved to Iowa City in 2005 and lived on a farm. He nearly drank himself to death but then he stopped. He had pigs and dogs and a cat. He played drums and wrote poems and created grim animations. He got divorced again. After a while he started writing fiction.

J Hardy Carroll now writes novels and screenplays and the occasional comic. He still writes poems and plays drums.