Hemingway’s Birthday

For Hemingway’s birthday, a bit of his flash fiction (before it was called that). Cat in the Rain, from 1925, is a remarkable study of using the unsaid to tell a powerful story. This is similar to the more famous Hills Like White Elephants. I like this one more. CAT IN THE RAIN There were […]


In 2013, I self-published my first novel, Hawser. I expected that I would sell a few of them and then get picked up by one of the traditional publishers who would doubtless be beating down my door. A large box arrived at my house containing five proof copies. Eagerly, I cracked them open and was appalled at the myriad […]

Never Apologize, Never Explain.

In his 1970 Travis McGee novel The Long Lavender Look, John D. MacDonald wrote about taking a single object from childhood and fitting it into the context of its use. “You take an object. Roller skate. The kind from way back, that fastened to the shoes instead of coming with the shoes attached. Look and feel and […]

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Hitlist

Reblogged from Karen Rawson’s site. Top Ten Reasons to Buy HitList Posted on July 2, 2015by k rawson It’s release day for my novel HitList. It’s now available on Amazon in print or Kindle version. And if summer reading isn’t a good enough reason for you, here are ten more reasons to buy my book: 10. […]

Reblog: Guest Post

Kurt Brindley is nice enough to read and review my novel, so I contributed a guest post to his blog. OR SO YOU SAY – A Guest Author Post by J Hardy Carroll POSTED ON APRIL 29, 2015 BY KURT BRINDLEY 3 It is my pleasure, privilege, and honor to present to you a whirlwind of wisdom […]

Hey! A Famous Author!

Promoting your book is a rough go. I think Barnes and Noble gives brand new books about three  days before they go onto the remainder table and  with big red stickers (NOW ONLY 1.00!). And that’s for best-sellers. Amazon tells new authors to rely on peer reviews, but who has time to sort through  sixty […]

Repost: Two Dogs I Saw

This is from a blog I randomly discovered. Not a lot of entries, but some really funny and tragic writing all around. Check it out and if you like it, let the poor guy know. From Double Dick Move!   Two Dogs I Saw I was coming home from my job at the Denny’s at […]

The Awful German Language, Or How To Be Funny

In a televised interview, Orson Welles spoke of his friendship with Ernest Hemingway. It was a long association, the two men knowing one another for twenty years. They weren’t especially close, but the times they spent with one another were quite rewarding. One thing that struck me about Welles’ remarks was an observation that Hemingway’s wicked sense […]