Hey! A Famous Author!

Promoting your book is a rough go. I think Barnes and Noble gives brand new books about three  days before they go onto the remainder table and  with big red stickers (NOW ONLY 1.00!). And that’s for best-sellers. Amazon tells new authors to rely on peer reviews, but who has time to sort through  sixty […]

Procrastination Part 2

So, where were we? Ah yes. Procrastination. Seventh grade was chock full of all kinds of nasty shocks for hippie-school me. Doolen Junior High was, i realize now, a pilot program for young inmates who just hadn’t committed any felonies yet. There were guys in the 8th grade who were bused in from South Tucson […]

Repost: Two Dogs I Saw

This is from a blog I randomly discovered. Not a lot of entries, but some really funny and tragic writing all around. Check it out and if you like it, let the poor guy know. From Double Dick Move!   Two Dogs I Saw I was coming home from my job at the Denny’s at […]

The Awful German Language, Or How To Be Funny

In a televised interview, Orson Welles spoke of his friendship with Ernest Hemingway. It was a long association, the two men knowing one another for twenty years. They weren’t especially close, but the times they spent with one another were quite rewarding. One thing that struck me about Welles’ remarks was an observation that Hemingway’s wicked sense […]

Procrastination Part One

Procrastination is  a positive experience for me. I get a lot accomplished. In fact, I would wager that I get more done by putting things off for a day than most people do putting things off for a week. But before you close this window and opt to read this later, I want to assure […]

New Old Comics

For many years I drew underground comics. Some of them were published in various papers around Portland and beyond. This particular one features Boig & Bitty, and ambiguous couple largely based on myself and my then-wife Polly (an ambiguous couple if ever there was one). I like this one because it takes a simple gag and […]

Sober New Year

New Year’s Eve. For many folks, that means one thing: TIME TO DRINK UP. Not me, though. I didn’t know  the extent of my drinking problem until  stopped drinking. I was clued in to how bad it was when I told my friends I had sobered up.  Every single one of them reacted the same way. “Oh thank God.” […]