The Balcony Would Do

He sat in the big armchair, staring at the body. So strange to think it would never move again, at least on its own. For some reason this last was hilarious. His face twisted into a smirk the way it had when he was in school and someone had passed him an amusing note about […]

Namesake, Hell

“Enzo!” The boy would not look up from his game. Carbone felt his gorge rising. The guide went on, oblivious. “Craftsmen from Naples and Sicily were brought in special to do the plaster carving. They would fight, so the foreman had to have them work on different floors.” “Enzo’s great grandfather was one of those […]

Mrs Professor Sexy

“At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.” He looked around the table, that familiar drunken glee in his eyes. I was sick of it. “Jesus, Ned. Just tell them already.” I had heard this particular gross-out story at least ten times. He always told it after five or […]


The woman at the desk greeted me with the muted enthusiasm of a person working long hours. “She’ll be so happy to see you. She doesn’t get many visitors.” “I’ve been busy,” I said. “You know how it is.” She stood. “Let me show you to her room.” “No need. I think I can find […]

All That Bull Crap

“What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” “What a crock.” I kicked the side of the treehouse. “It doesn’t even make sense.” Teddy tossed the book into the corner. “It’s full of that stuff. Maxims and shit. My aunt gave it to me when I was little.” “What are maxims?” He […]

The Best-Laid Plans

She hadn’t anticipated the cold. She knew this wasn’t supposed to be comfortable, not that there were many stories about how it was supposed to be, but comfort was really the last thing you could expect, at least while you were actually doing it. Even pills would make you nauseated. Her original plan was to […]

We Demand The Commission Be Returned In Full

“It looks nice in our yard.” “It wasn’t supposed to look nice. That wasn’t the point.” “What was the point again?” “I wanted to shake them up. Make a statement. You know.” “So you made a dinosaur. Out of garbage.” “Not garbage. Scrap.” “Whatever.  You’re surprised they had a bad reaction?” “I thought that—” “You thought […]

Some Pot of Gold

“Look at that. A rainbow.” She touched his shoulder. He shrugged it away. “So fucking what. Who do you think you are?  Noah?” “I’m just saying that it’s not all bad.” “Oh yeah. Easy for you to say.” He stormed off across the asphalt, fists balled in fury. He got to the car and went […]

The End Of The World For Now : Friday Fictioneers

Rochelle  picked a beauty this week for her hundred-word flash fiction prompt. Click the link below the story to see the other entries. “I’m not going.” He set his lip in that way he had. The stubborn lip, she called it. “Chas, that’s nonsense. You love it. Besides, they can’t play Bix without their cornetist. They’re […]