You Better Call Tyrone

“Come on, baby. Be reasonable.”

“I am sick of your shit, James. This is the last straw. That money was for the Verizon bill.”

“You saying you don’t like these shoes? Damn, baby. I did this for you. You always on me to dress better.”

“I’m on you to get a goddamn job, James. I’m on you to stop acting like a little boy. I’m on you to be a goddamn man.”

“You always told me that my boyish charm was one of the things you loved about me.”

“Once, maybe. Not no more. Read my lips, James. We. Are. Done.”


Friday Fictioneers


Thanks to Erykah Badu for the inspiration

18 thoughts on “You Better Call Tyrone

  1. He can marry his shoes, he can.
    She got better things to do and better men to have stick around. You know, the kind that bring home the bacon, pay bills, and behave not like a boy, but a man. …
    Well done!

  2. She has a reason to be angry. Buying shoes using the money meant for paying bills. Why did he do it? To please her or to spite her? May be he wanted the blame for the split to fall on her.

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