Where Them Trains Go? Friday Fictioneers

Time for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers prompt. It’s a cool exercise in flash fiction. You take the picture below and write a hundred words about it. It makes a great palette cleanser for the bloated writing brain.

Click the frog link at the end to read the others. I’ve seen some really good examples lately.



“Pard? You awake?”

Jaleen was always asking them sort of questions. I kept my eyes tight shut and waited for the next one.

“Because I was wondering, that’s all.”

I rolled over and curled up. She knowed I was awake now, but none too happy about it.  We had signals like that between us. Saved a lot of unnecessary talk. I didn’t say nothing, just waited for the next question.

“Where do you think them trains go? Why they go so fast? And what’s in them cars? They look like jails.”

Well, she had me there. They did look so.