We Demand The Commission Be Returned In Full


“It looks nice in our yard.”

“It wasn’t supposed to look nice. That wasn’t the point.”

“What was the point again?”

“I wanted to shake them up. Make a statement. You know.”

“So you made a dinosaur. Out of garbage.”

“Not garbage. Scrap.”

“Whatever.  You’re surprised they had a bad reaction?”

“I thought that—”

“You thought that after you received the commission you could do whatever the hell you wanted. It’s a city project, James. You think they’re idiots or something? They know you didn’t spend fifty thousand dollars making that sculpture.”

“I actually spent about two hundred on it.”


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  1. gahlearner

    I think he’s selling himself short. It’s not the material worth that counts… they just don’t see what else he’s put into it. He needs an agent.

  2. Margaret

    So tragic that his work is not understood or appreciated. I’m sure he’s not interested in the money – he’s an artist after all. Nicely told.

  3. R. Todd

    Hey.. I’d be like.. “If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the price tag should be in the hand of the artist.” Boom! /drop the mic

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