Überhaus Diary: Sushi Date

From May 1999. Dating in a nutshell.


sushi date

I watch  Masa slice the fish
draw his knife quick
along the gleaming belly

it seems to move itself

as I float forever
on your voice
the soft curve of your lips
cradling words

full of recent events
devoid of meaning

God you are beautiful

your eyes, way across the table
speak volumes of perhaps

my most supple wish
might not  bend so easily

You are dainty

choosing any
exquisite piece

elegant fingers
dancing  in the air
a graceful semaphore

spelling out
in secret language

what I wish to believe
is never true

I watch your wrists
as you rend

the cleaved chopsticks
into a pair of daggers

my heart winces in anticipation
Death might be the least of it

We agree
sushi is good for us
odd, then

we would deign to eat it

Don't just stand there.