Tuesday, September 11th


It was Jill’s idea. She lives downstairs in our building, a city kid like me. She said she was a real Harriet the Spy.  I never read it,  so I’ll take her word. I like books about war.

Last night there was a building party and all the kids went to Mrs. Massey’s on the fifth floor. Jill and I were the oldest by a long ways. Most of the kids still ate their boogers and a few were in diapers. Jill and I went into The Late Mr. Massey’s study and sat down in front of his big RCA console to watch the Movie of the Week, The French Connection.  

It was about this cop named Popeye who goes crazy trying to catch this one drug dealer. There’s a scene where they’re on the subway and the dealer gets on and off the car, Popeye trying to keep up. It’s real exciting. One steps in, the other follows, then he steps out. The dealer steps in just as the doors close and Popeye is locked out.  The train leaves and Popeye runs down the platform. The dealer waves at him.

Jill said that we should try it the next day before school, go down to the 59th Street station  at rush hour. I could be Popeye. It was the first day of school, so we could be late.

She got on just as the doors closed. She waved, like the guy in the movie.

Only we didn’t know it was an express to the World Trade Center station. No stops. I  bet she can’t get back here until after 9:30 at the earliest.



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  1. Priceless Joy

    This is an awesome story about 2 kids acting out their fantasies but I don’t understand the ending about, “I didn’t know this was an express. I hope she gets back soon.” Sorry, I know next to nothing about trains. Does it mean she is going to be traveling a very long way?

  2. Creatopath

    When I first read World Trade Centre I did think 9/11 but then when the kid said she was going to be in trouble when she gets back I thought the same as PJ, that it was a long way to go and she would be missing for some time.

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