Tuesday Maybe?

The skylight blazed hot on her face.

She opened her eyes.

Pain. Oh God, she thought. Not again.

She raised up on her elbows and looked around.

She was lying on a butcher block table, pots and implements suspended above her as though dropping randomly from some airborne kitchen.

Tamping down a swelling nausea, she sat up and swung her legs over the edge.

Her head felt like it was split in two, the edges rubbing together.

She felt for her phone.

It was in her pocket, but dead.

Ditto her watch.

A wall clock said 9:20.

But  AM or PM?

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  1. Nobbinmaug

    There’s something ominous about waking up specifically on a butcher block. Though, the “Not again,” leads me to think she makes a habit of partying a little too hard or maybe she has a neurological disorder and is prone to blackouts. Either way, I’m diggin’ the mysterious tone.

  2. 4963andypop

    I must’ve missed the butcher block–i assumed she fell to the floor and woke up some indeterminate time later. And this had happened before.
    This strikes a little too close to home for me, since most of my summer has been consumed by the effects of a falling incident, but…
    very well done, the panic, the lack of control or a way to remedy the situation, whether foul play was involved or not.

  3. pennygadd51

    Lots of mystery here. She must have been out cold for a fair while for her phone to be flat (unless she was one of these people who think 10% charge is ample…). It would make a riveting opening for a longer piece.

  4. trentpmcd

    Must have been one hell of a migraine to take out her phone and watch… The “not again” part is, well, if her kidney is missing, what did they take last time ;)

  5. Fatima Fakier

    Doesn’t the blazing skylight indicate AM? Either way, waking up on the butcher’s block does not indicate any good intentions and overshadows any concerns about time. She’d better get out of there quickly.

  6. granonine

    Did she crawl up on that butcher block by herself? Does the head pain indicate a migraine? She wasn’t bound, so apparently she’s not there against her will, unless she was drugged. Lots of unanswered questions here, leading to all sorts of possibilities :)

  7. patriciaruthsusan

    Her phone was dead, her watch was dead, and the wall clock was dead. I’m wondering if she is also. It doesn’t sound good. The story stands alone but would make a great longer story, J. Well done. Thanks for the interesting picture that made a great prompt. —- Suzanne

  8. Natasha


    That sure was one intriguing photo prompt. Thank you.

    The varied stories that emerged were applaudable.

    Yours gives me the chills. Wonder where this is going to take her. Doesn’t look “appetising” at all!

    Have a great week.

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