“What is it with these modernists? First it was the bloody London Eye. Now it’s the Shard. Looks like a mistake, you ask me.  Hideous. Turn one of the grandest cities in the world into a bleeding circus. You’d think they all went mad, putting up shite like this. My London is the city that faced the Blitz, not some damned sideshow attraction. It was bad enough in the sixties, all the long-hairs loafing about in St. James Park. At least you could chase them off. These goddamned buildings, though. They’re not going anywhere.”

“Don’t listen to your Grandad, darling. He’s always been an old grouch. Never liked change. Had fits when I’d change the parlor curtains. You want to take the children to see the Shard, I’m game. Perhaps we can make a day of it. See the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. Did you know they used to keep live lions there? They called it the Royal Menagerie. Where would you like to go? Aside from the Eye, of course.”


Sunday Photo Fiction