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DOVER JANUARY 16- Wire Service Report

Three bodies were found at the foot of Langdon Cliffs near Dover on New Year’s Day.

Kent Police said the unnamed siblings, believed to be 59, were from the Cheshire area.

Their deaths are not thought to be connected to the third person, a 45-year-old man from the Greater Manchester area.

None of the deaths are being treated as suspicious.

According to Detective Sergeant Stuart Ward, The twins were in London on 22 December. “We can place them in Dover on Boxing Day, but we are keen to establish if they were staying locally,” said Ward.

“We have already contacted local hotels but are now asking owners of guest houses, bed and breakfasts and pubs to contact us if they had a man and woman in their late 50s from Cheshire staying over the Christmas and New Year period.”

Teams from Dover RNLI and UK Coastguard were dispatched at around 2:30pm after concerns were raised about the well-being of a man seen at the picturesque spot.

During this search the bodies of the two siblings were also found.

The man’s body was winched up by helicopter while the brother and sister were reached by teams from the shore.


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