Top Ten Reasons to Buy Hitlist

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy HitList

HitList by K. RawsonIt’s release day for my novel HitList. It’s now available on Amazon in print or Kindle version. And if summer reading isn’t a good enough reason for you, here are ten more reasons to buy my book:

10. Money-back guarantee if you don’t find it chock-full-o-words.

9. Get it before it’s banned.

8. Four words: My kids’ college fund.

7. Sara Megibow can’t be wrong.

6. $2.99!

5. Jake: first you love to hate him, then you hate to love him.

4. My son will personally clean up the dog poop in your yard. (I’m kidding. He won’t even clean up the dog poop in my yard.)

3. Because you better make sure you’re not in it.

2. Because hacker girls are just plain cool.

1. Teenagers: This is the book your parents warned you about.


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