The Wheels of Progress

Hughie leaned the 12-gauge against the doorframe, handy but hidden. He stepped onto the porch.

The man got out of the Cadillac, smiled at him. “Mr. Tweedy? My name’s Hoskins. I represent––”

“I know who you are,” said Hughie. “If you come to talk  about selling, I’m not interested.”

The man’s eyes went hard above the smile. “Mr. Tweedy, there’s a law in this state. Eminent domain.”

“Don’t apply here,” said Hughie. “You want to run your pipeline through my grandaddy’s trees on my granddaddy’s farm. A privately owned pipeline.”

“We’re creating jobs.”

“Bullshit. You’re thieves. Get off my land.”


Friday Fictioneers


This is a vignette based on the true story of my friend Hughie Tweedy and his fight against the DAPL pipeline. This is one of those times that the truth was far more interesting and bizarre than fiction. Hughie fought the heinous corporation as long as he could, but the corrupt Iowa legislature sided with the shareholders and the pipeline went through his farm. America espouses democracy, but in most of its practices it is yet another in a long line of financially motivated oligarchies.