The Thing That Broke Him

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Photo by Dale Rogerson

It looked odd, using the big gutting knife to clean  his nails. I guess he did it to put a scare into the man, scare him without threatening outright.

Speers is smart like that, doing just enough that you get your imagination working against you. He told me that a man is always his own worst enemy, that if you can say or do the right thing  you can break him easy as a twig.

Maybe it was the knife, or the fact Speers and me had him tied up in the jonboat. Or maybe it was the swamp itself.


Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sandra

    I can see how the victim might have a problem getting in touch with the optimistic side of his nature. Good one.

  2. Dave

    Just tip him over backwards in the swamp :glug: quick and easy water torture, and fits the image nicely :P

  3. penshift

    I tried to back away slowly, even though I was in a chair…! Nicely done, and well written for a first-person perspective.


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