The Rest Will Follow

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Susan walked into the tent. “You wanted to see me, General?”

“Ah, Miss Travers. Yes.”  Koenig looked up from his camp desk. “I never thanked you for repairing the staff car yesterday. That was good work.”

“Just doing my duty, sir. It looked worse than it was.”

“Lucky for us that Luftwaffe chap had terrible aim.” His mouth tightened. “But I’m afraid we’re in a pickle.” He tapped a dispatch on his desk. “We just got word over the wireless that Rommel is on the move. Headed straight for us, in fact. Three panzer divisions. I’m afraid we’ll need to evacuate.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, sir.”

“Yes. What I need from you, Miss Travers, is to drive my car again. We’ll lead the evacuation through the Nazi minefields. They won’t be expecting that.”

She smiled. “Brilliant, sir. The boys see a woman driving, they’ll have to follow.”

What Pegman Saw

This story is based on an experience of Susan Travers, the daughter of a Royal Navy admiral who became a driver of French Foreign legion general Marie-Pierre Koenig,  the only woman the Legion ever admitted into its ranks.




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