The Note


You will have questions I cannot answer except to say that reality is but an illusion, a projection of our expectations.  We are taught to make our eyes glide over the world, to create symbols and labels so that we can more easily dismiss them.

We are trained to turn our awareness inward, towards the illusory self which we can never know because we inhabit it. This is our madness.

I cannot suffer this condition any longer.  I leave you this tree as remembrance of me.


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  1. jillyfunnell

    I felt madness was involved here but then there is no reason why a person would not take a totally different view and be in despair because of it. Well told, lovely language.

  2. 4963andypop

    I read this as a suicide note. How awful that his despair leaves no hope behind, even for his children who must also live in his so bleakly painted world. . They will find cold comfort in a lifeless carving.

    The pathos of these notes (leaving aside the waste of human life that accompanies them) lies partially in their one-sidedness, proposing an argument yet plugging ones ears to its conterargument. Very sad indeed.

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