The New King Shango

Ndugu studies his watch, the first he has ever owned. Real gold, the man told him, holding up a magnifier so Ndugu could verify the truth of his statement. A Rolex, no less, and only thirty dollars.

A day’s wages, but Ndugu’s room and meals were provided by his cousin, so he reached into his pocket and gave the man his money.

He holds up his wrist, peering at the golden bracelet. It makes him feel like King Shango, like the glittering tower is his castle.

His watch now tells him it is time to rotate the pretzels in his cousin’s cart.

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  1. Alicia Jamtaas

    I like that you zeroed in on the watch! The last line is spot-on. Even if it is a real Rolex, he still has to turn the bagels. His life hasn’t change one iota.

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