The New Economy

We’d bought the Caravan two years before Clark was supposed to retire.

“We’ll finally get to see this great country of ours,” we told each other. Three months before the big day, Clark was summoned to an office where sat his new supervisor, a Harvard MBA who’d been part of the team that had come on when the company was acquired.

Next to the MBA was a woman from HR, a manila envelope in her hand.

Let me tell you that “generous severance” is not the same a promised pension.

But we’re okay. We have each other.

And Amazon jobs.


Friday Fictioneers


To meet the ever-growing demand for warehouse workers, Amazon created CamperForce, an itenerant pool of RV-dwelling retirees who work in their warehouses. 


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  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    I know about companies cheating one out of his or her pension. Been there, done that…rose above it with some help from my (legal) friends. Good story.



  2. Nobbinmaug

    Those Amazon jobs will only last until everything’s automated.

    I have a joke in one of my stories that Amazon.Com becomes the president of the world. It’s an odd situation, but at least it delivers on most of its promises in two days.

  3. Sandra

    The concept of not getting your pension under these circumstances is horrifying. I didn’t know that about Amazon, so I learned something new here today.

  4. Russell Gayer

    You must have been in the room when they fired me only a month before my 62nd birthday. They said my position (plant manager) had been eliminated (sure).

    I hadn’t heard of the Amazon CamperForce, but have met others who live in their RVs and follow work across the country.

  5. Tannille

    At least there are jobs for older people. In my country they are quietly washed up and usually don’t get a look in. Ageist society.

    Hmm the corporations will be god soon.

  6. spicedmullings

    Sad reality of the state of things today.
    It is made more poignant for me for my husband retired in May.
    We did get our pension and yes we are planning nung to go visiting this year!

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