The Crossing

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When Dwayne retired from Motorola we sold the house and spent a year driving the Caravan across the USA looking for the place we loved best. When we saw the ranch in Sasabe on the Sonoran border, we knew we’d found it. That was twenty years ago.

It was a year-round thing. They’d come through at night, parties of five or ten or twenty. Some men, but a lot of women and children. I got in the habit of setting out gallon jugs of water, packages of corn tortillas and cans of beans. Dwayne was furious when he found out.


Friday Fictioneers

  1. rochellewisoff

    Dear Josh,

    At least she had time to do a lot of good deeds (mitzvahs we Jews say) before Dwayne found out. Love it.



  2. Claire Fuller

    So much stuff between the lines here: who are these people, and why does she (?) feed them, why is Dwayne cross. Wonderful piece.

  3. 4963andypop

    Literalist me, again i thought she might be feeding the flocks of birds. Nice hoe she hides her charity from one who might judge her.

  4. pennygadd51

    I’m sure your narrator will be able to persuade Dwayne to see things her way. She has a great, compassionate heart.

  5. Jan Morrill

    Thank goodness for her compassion. At the last sentence, I wondered if your title was for those crossing the border, or a crossing in the marriage. Well done!

  6. draliman

    I wonder why there’s so many people passing by at night? In any case, it’s nice of her to help the out.

  7. gahlearner

    Dwayne is a disappointment, but I think she knew him well, why else would she have hidden her compassion from him? Great story, compassion hurts no one.

  8. Lynn Love

    Imagine how many lives she might have saved with her generosity? Dwayne needs to see them as people, not pests then he might feel the same way she does. Lovely writing Josh


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